Like any home improvement project, a bathroom renovation requires many decisions to make. Take for instance the shower drain – you may be surprised to find after a few moments of research that there are many options for shower drainage. One of these options, the linear drain, has been getting quite a bit of attention in the design world and for good reason!

The linear drain is a stylish and contemporary option for shower renovations which allows for a sleek and functional design. The linear drain gives installers the ability to slope the floor in one direction, which translates into a continuation of tile from the main bathroom area into the shower. This allows designers to create a space that is cohesive. Another advantage of the linear drain is the ability to have a zero-threshold shower zone, which means we can do away with the raised lip (or threshold) leading into the shower. Not only does this make the shower easier to clean, it also allows for an accessible space that can be easily entered by people living with a physical disability.

Whether big or small, renovation projects involve many details. It is wise to consult with a professional so that you know you are covering all your options and creating a space that is both gorgeous and functional.

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