Moving to the Moraine

Last autumn we were approached by L & G to renovate a kitchen in their home locatedin the Oak Ridges Moraine just outside Millbrook. L & G split their time between this house and a beautiful old home in a trendy Toronto neighbourhood, and had recently made the decision to sell their home in the city to focus on their sanctuary in the middle of the forest.

A New Kitchen

The A-frame construction of the house on the moraine boasted a great room that houses the kitchen and large living space, complete with large windows that show off the view no matter the season. Overhead, the soaring ceiling is filled with sky lights that supply the room with plenty of natural light.

The existing kitchen is original to the house, built sometime in the 80s, and is in desperate need of a make-over. The refrigerator is one of the first things you notice when you walk into the space. It makes the space feel enclosed, and make the room feel much smaller than it really is. L & G also feel that the layout is not conducive to working together in the kitchen and struggle to find their prep space.

An A-HA! Moment

Having moved all of their belongings to the moraine house, their collection of antiques, artifacts and carvings are also struggling to find places appropriate for display.

While Gary & Samantha are at the house, L & G mention they have an antique corner curio cabinet which they would love to make use for. L & G lead Gary & Samantha into the garage, where they are able to measure the corner curio cabinet. While in the garage, they also spot an antique pastry table. The designers suggest it may be an appropriate size for an island, and the idea gets all parties excited about the possibilities for this space.

Now The Vision Can Begin

Armed with measurements and information on how L & G use their kitchen, Gary & Samantha travel back to the showroom to work on floorplans and colour palettes. L & G will be back at the showroom in two weeks to have a look at floorplan ideas & colour palettes.

Using the moraine and antiques as their inspiration, the designers choose to work with a palette that is timeless and natural. They also aim to create a space which infuses the contemporary with a bit of traditional – in honour of the antiques and the global artifacts collected by the home owners.

Back at the Showroom

Having the industry’s latest products at their fingertips, the designers work together to come up with ideas for materials to make this project come to life. For the cabinetry, they opt for Kingsmill’s most popular white “Chantilly”, a white which is both fresh and subtle.They determine that the natural wood tones of the antique table would look stunning next to Farrow & Ball’s architectural favourite Railings No. 31. Railings No. 31 is a softer black with a slight blue undertone, complementing the orange hues in the antique table. Two-toned kitchens are right on trend, and sticking to classic colours such as white & black is a commitment to a timelessness that won’t look dated in a few years.

For the floor, they suggest Ceragres’ “Evolution” collection which has a subtle, sand-like variation and just enough depth of colour.

The designers create cohesiveness with the two tones of the kitchen by way of the countertops, suggesting Zodiaq’s London Sky for the antique island top. London Sky is a stunning engineered quartz that has a natural marble look. For the perimeter, they suggest Silestone’s Charcoal Soapstone in a Matte finish with a full-height backsplash behind the feature range.

For the wall colours, Farrow & Ball’s Dimpse No. 277 to pick up the subtle blue tones of Railings No. 31 and to keep the room feeling light and fresh. In the adjoining great room, a contemporary feeling Pavilion Gray No. 242 is suggested.

From Concept to Kitchen

When L & G visit the showroom two weeks later, the concepts are well received. The clients not only love the colours, they fall in love with some unique layout ideas and little details such as open display shelving, beadboard on the back of the island which is also used as a backsplash on the perimeter. While the corner curio cabinet was too large for the space, the antique table was perfect for the space (the top of the table was removed & preserved). A 4″ quartz backsplash on the perimeter joins up with the full-height quartz backsplash, a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to ensure cleaning up the countertop is a breeze for L & G. Scroll through pictures of the finish space!

What are the possibilities of your space?

There are many details of this project which we can’t describe here (this blog post would be far too long!). We love working with our clients to create a space that is both functional and a reflection of your personality.

Working with a designer who is NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) certified means you are working with a professional who has knowledge of the latest trends, the newest products on the market and information on how to make your space work for you. Renovate with confidence.

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